Use of the library requires nothing more than a standard Tapestry 5 application :
  • Java 1.5 (as Tapestry 5 do)
  • Tapestry 5.2.x or 5.3.x
  • Maven 2+
  • Internet Explorer 7+ / Firefox 3.5+ / Chrome 13+ / Safari 5+

Set up

Setting up exanpe-t5-lib requires 2 minutes :

  • Open the pom.xml in your library project
  • Declare a Tapestry 5 dependency (obviously we do not import one)
  • Paste the following configuration is your Maven descriptor :
  • Annotate your Module class with :

TML Integration

The TML integration is as simple as the previous step.
Open your TML and add in the root tag :
    	<... (xmlns:t="	xmlns:ex="tapestry-library:exanpe" ...>

Start coding !

Your are now ready to take advantage of all the components provided by the library
Have a look at our Demo and at the Reference page detailing each component usage.