Exanpe T5 Lib is a library of components designed for the J2EE Tapestry 5 framework, developed by the Exanpe organization.
The purpose of this library is to provide additional components to Tapestry 5 as well as skinning the native components.
Our final purpose is to provide a fully harmonized set of components, ready to be included in your web application.
Easy to use and to integrate, this library targets the real needs of any web application, taking a real care of possible application conflicts as well as depending on a minimal number of third party library !

The library is fully integrated with Maven 2 and validated with Tapestry 5.2.0, 5.2.6 and 5.3.1.

Since 2012-01-09, the library is in version 1.2.0.. Have a look to Changes section to see what's new.

Please have a look at the Getting Started documentation to learn how to setup and use our components in 2 minutes !



The following components are currently available in the library :

  • Accordion : Show/Hide some content with animation
  • AjaxLoader : Load a content with Ajax, displaying a loader icon
  • Authorize : Manage authorizations based on user's roles
  • Border : A simple skinned border
  • ColorPicker : Choose a Color and get it easily on the server side
  • GoogleMap : Show a GoogleMap and some points of interest
  • HideablePanel : Show/Hide a left side Panel
  • ListSorter : Sort items using drag and drop
  • MenuBar : Display a menu with a multi level roll down menu bar
  • SecurePassword : Enter a Password without typing characters
  • Slider : Select a value on a range using a Slider
  • TabView : Organize your layout into a tab view
  • Tooltip : Display all kind of tooltips in your page
  • VerticalMenu : Display your left side vertical menu


Some mixins provide additional features to existing components:
  • AjaxValidation : Enable an Ajax Validation on any textfield component.
  • AuthorizeMixin : Manage authorizations based on user's roles
  • Dialog : Display a dialog to print any information or confirmation on user action.
  • PasswordStrengthChecker : Display to the user its password strength.
  • RichTextEditor : Display a textarea allowing rich HTML text content to be written
  • SelectLoader : Load select content options according to a first select component selection.


Some features increase productivity and provide services:
  • Security - Authorize : Full set of Authorization feature according to user roles, with annotations.
  • Session Management - ContextPageReset : Reset some page information according to a specific context.
  • Internationalization - LocaleSession : Manage the locale in session instead of in the URL.


The core Tapestry components have been re skinned to fit better in any application.


Pros :
  • Easy to use
  • Fast integration
  • Focuses on the real needs of web applications, based on our experience
  • Fully skinned, along with a new skin for core Tapestry 5 components
  • Only 2 dependencies : commons-lang and commons-collection
  • Avoid conflicts with other libraries by full prefixing (JavaScript/CSS)
  • Minified static resources
  • Fully documented. See Javadoc and JsDoc in Projects Reports.

Cons :
  • No Internet Explorer 6 support
  • Tell us !